Episode 003: Vocation + Calling (What the Heck Am I Doing With My Life?)

In this episode, AJ, Jordan, and Susanna chat about the challenges millennials face when attempting to discern their calling. They reflect on their own stories which bring up questions such as “Does God really have a specific ‘call’ for each of us?” and “How do we decide what to do with our lives?”. Stay tuned for more episodes on vocation/calling.

Episode 001: Hot + Holy (Part 1)

In our “Hot and Holy” series, we consider what it looks like to live an attractive life of purity for the millennial generation. Part 1 dives right the controversial and “hot” topic of alcohol consumption. Join us as we talk about our experiences surrounding alcohol both in the church and in culture as we seek to answer the question “What NOW?”

Episode 000: What is Now?

In episode 000, we reflect on the first Now Gathering and invite listeners into an ongoing conversation about the millennial generation. As millennials ourselves, we recognize the challenges and opportunities faced by our generation. Rather than shying away from uncomfortable topics, we desire to face them head on from a perspective that is both culturally aware and deeply grounded in faith.