a generation created for such a time as now


Each generation carries a unique perspective and mantle, and we believe that the millennial generation is powerfully poised to create and influence culture. We are the entrepreneurial generation, the generation that thinks outside of the box, and the generation that values authenticity over pretense. In a cultural climate where imitation, competition, and dissension are prevalent, we have the opportunity to SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM, generating momentum and inspiring positive and meaningful change.


Social media has incredible power to bridge gaps and build networks in an increasingly isolated world, but we also recognize the SYNERGY that arises when we physically come together to collaborate, share vision, and inspire one another. When we gather, we are fueled with the energy we need to create and lead in culture. In between our annual gatherings, we hope to bring resources and connection pieces through podcasts, digital magazines, and social media.


In 2015, millennials surpassed Gen Xers to become the largest generation in the US labor force. In 2019, millennials are projected to outnumber Boomers in population size. Many of us may feel like we are on the long road to adulthood, but we can no longer talk about our role in culture as some far off, future event. We cannot talk about engaging in change “one day.” One day is today! The baton is ours to receive, and the time is NOW.